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The Peter Bennett Foundation was established in 2012 with the aim of fulfilling the philanthropic vision of our founder, Peter Bennett. 


In 2012, Peter was living and working in Hong Kong and the work began with supporting grass roots charitable organisations in the territory and more broadly around South East Asia. The experience of working with smaller NGOs helped to deepen our understanding of the deep-rooted challenges faced by communities. This has enabled the Peter Bennett Foundation to evolve with a greater focus on effecting long-term systemic change. Rather than mitigating the symptoms caused by the inequalities in our society, we are looking to drive fundamental change in the way we think and the way we do things for greater, long-lasting impact. Our reach has now extended into the United Kingdom as we seek to identify valuable projects that will resonate on the global stage.


Born in Hong Kong, Peter Bennett was educated in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. After graduating from the University of Cambridge, he embarked upon a successful career in banking and hedge fund management. Peter now devotes his time to his family and to pursuing philanthropic endeavours.


He founded the Peter Bennett Foundation in 2012 to promote equity and reduce poverty through direct donations and institutional support. As the work of the Foundation has evolved, Peter is committed to sharing his wealth of experience from the commercial sector to help drive progress in the philanthropic sector and effect positive change for our communities.

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