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The Peter Bennett Foundation was established in 2012 as a charitable trust with the objective of improving the quality of life. We were born from a desire to create a true legacy of positive change for our communities all over the world. By supporting ideas and innovation, we aim to deliver impact to our people and to our planet. We believe that what we do is important and worthwhile. We work with passion and integrity.

We are not conventional in our philanthropic approach – we seek to redefine modern philanthropy by bringing our expertise from the commercial and financial sectors to maximize the impact of our charitable projects, without ever compromising our values and ethics. 


Collaboration is key to what we do. In our process of philanthropic giving, we build strong relationships, nurture constructive consensus and weave together the demands of different stakeholders. We have forged close relationships with NGOs, government bodies, academic institutions and other foundations as we work towards building a better future. 


Our approach is unbiased, while our vision extends far and wide. We have the privilege of being able to think about change in a long-term context – results do not need to be immediate, but they do need to be impactful.


To improve the quality of life for communities around the world and to secure a more sustainable future, we look to support projects that satisfy the three tenets of our philanthropic approach:


We promote ground-breaking ideas that confront that the way we look at the world and the challenges we face. We encourage ideas that transform the way we think, address the inequalities in our society and tackle the strains on our natural resources.


By cultivating and nurturing new ideas, we can truly facilitate innovation that improves the quality of life. We are constantly looking to innovate how to do things better – whether through new inventions, methods or processes – driven by our firm commitment to making positive change.


The impact is at the heart of our work. We want to facilitate progress and improve the quality of life, in as far-reaching a way as possible. Where we can, we want to maximize and multiply what we invest in our beneficiaries for the utmost impact.


At the Peter Bennett Foundation, it is our mission to facilitate positive change for the benefit of communities all over the world. By nurturing ideas and innovation, we aim to deliver impact.


We support ideas and innovation that deliver far-reaching impact in driving positive change and addressing the challenges we face as a society. We work with passion and integrity.

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