Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need.

Global Distribution: 

Aid for relief and development in over 90 countries, as well as in Hong Kong.

Welfare: In Hong Kong, we actively support the Social Welfare Department and a wide range of NGOs in providing help to individuals and families living in vulnerable circumstances.

Development: Our humanitarian aid is targeted towards entrenched poverty. We redistribute quality goods donated by the Hong Kong community to NGOs, in over 95 countries, who have applied to us with details of their needs and development plans. Follow up and feedback provide ways for all of us to track the effectiveness of the distribution and the sustainability of its outcomes.

Relief: Crossroads’ Global Distribution also addresses major disasters. We target disaster reduction, pre-positioning and response, seeking to comply with Sphere Standards in Humanitarian Response to ensure best practice.

Global X-perience: 

The old proverb says: I cannot understand a man until I have walked a mile in his shoes.

When people participate in Global X-periences, they do not watch a video or listen to a presentation about global issues. They take a few steps ‘in the shoes’ of people in need. If they are interested in poverty, for example, they x-perience simulated manual labour and corrupt market practice together with the battle for shelter, food, education and medical care.

We offer x-periential programmes on war, HIV/AIDS, blindness, hunger, water access, inequality in trade and the complex global range of issues that hold billions in poverty. Many people find experiential learning far more powerful than the spoken or written word. Over 180,000 participants have undertaken x-periential programmes, with interest in them growing. Participants include students, business teams, community groups, families and individual visitors.

Global Hand:

As well as our physical warehouse, Crossroads has a virtual one: Anywhere in the world, real time, people with quality goods or services to donate can offer them through our Global Hand service. We will then pass on the offer to our network of NGOs in Europe, Africa, SE Asia, Central Asia and the Americas seeking the right ‘match’.

Placing goods carefully is all important to us. We are strongly committed to doing so wisely and well. Our experienced team works with both sides to ensure that donated goods are placed where they are truly needed and can make a strategic difference in others’ lives. Our network includes seasoned NGOs who specialise in humanitarian logistics.

We welcome donations large and small: by the box, the pallet or container load. NGOs are welcome to let us know if your programmes can use donated goods. We would be glad to talk and match up wherever possible!

Global Hand has also built an online matching system for the United Nations to interact with the corporate sector.

You are welcome to visit us on, wherever you are in the world.

Global Handicrafts:

For many in poverty, humanitarian aid is not enough. They need a job with a reliable income. So we provide ‘business solutions’ for people in poverty: fair trade and social enterprises.

Our Global Handicrafts shop, at the Crossroads Village site, is an enchanting, multicultural marketplace of items from Hong Kong and around the world. They are purchased on a fair trade basis that sees a fair income go to artisans and producers who are living in economic need.

The Silk Road Café sells fair trade teas and coffees from around the world. It also serves snacks from local Hong Kong social enterprise businesses. All sales help provide income for people in need. It’s an oasis of
refreshment and community, themed with the colours, patterns and textiles of the Silk Road.

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