Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need. Its four main services are: Global Distribution; Global X-perience; Global Hand and Global Handicrafts.

Global Distribution: This arm provides aid for relief and development as quality goods donated by the Hong Kong community are redistributed to individuals and NGOs in Hong Kong, as well as NGOs in 95 countries. In addition, goods and necessities are also channelled for relief in major disasters.


Global X-perience: Crossroads offers x-periential programmes on war, HIV/AIDS, blindness, hunger, water access, inequality in trade and the complex global range of issues that hold billions in poverty. Over 180,000 participants have undertaken x-periential programmes, including students, business teams, community groups, families and individual visitors.


Global Hand: Crossroads also operates a virtual warehouse to distribution donated goods via Anywhere in the world, real time, people with quality goods or services to donate can offer them through the Global Hand service. The offer will then be distributed to Crossroads’ network of NGOs in Europe, Africa, SE Asia, Central Asia and the Americas.


Global Handicrafts: Crossroads provides ‘business solutions’ for people in poverty through operating a platform for fair trade and social enterprises at its Global Handicrafts shop